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Museum and Jail

Chesterfield Museum and the Historic 1892 Jail

No entry fee, donations welcome.  A  replica of the first Chesterfield County courthouse of 1749, the County Museum brick design was selected in 1976 as the American  Bicentennial project for the county. It opened on the Fourth of July, 1980. The original courthouse bell dating from 1749  was placed on permanent display in the  County Museum in 2017. The Museum contains  three galleriies that exhibits artifacts oearly Chestefield County and each artifact tells a story of Chesterfield County or its people.

The Story of Chesterfield County depicts the history of the area between the James and Appomattox Rivers from the era of Pre-Contact through today.  The General Store is a reproduction of a typical Chesterfield country store at  the turn of the 20th Century that served as the hub of the county’s rural community.  The Rotating Exhibit gallery displays temporary exhibits featuring commemorations specific to   Chesterfield County's rich history.  All schools are welcome and are invited to share a facinating walk back in time. Our museum tours will enlighten school children on the county's facinating history.


Tours of the Historic 1892 Jail start at the County Museum.

Adjacent to the County Museum, the Historic 1892 Jail is commonly referred to as the “Old Jail.”  A two-story granite and brick building, it served as the county prison until 1962. During the 1940s, the jail also served as Police headquarters and housed the county communications center. In 1982, it was designated a museum and made available to the Chesterfield Historical Society of VA as its first head office location.  Upstairs, original iron-barred cells still enclose metal bunks, and graffiti.  Downstairs, the space is used for temporary exhibits. The front porch features a stone step preserved from the first Chesterfield County courthouse of 1749.  Stepping on that front step is like stepping into history!

Museum and Historic Jail  Tours
Tours of the Historic 1892 Jail start at the County Museum.

Hours:   Tuesday-Friday 10-4 pm & Saturdays 10 am-2pm.   See a virtual tour of the Chesterfield Museum and Jail

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