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Historic Eppington
c. 1768 Historic Eppington
Eppington Plantation was built in 1768 by Francis Eppes VI, brother-in-law to Thomas Jefferson. Eppington Plantation has a unique place in our Nation's history. It is linked to the Thomas Jefferson Family.  His family ties to the Eppes family and to the Eppington plantation contribute to the plantation's history. He and Francis Eppes were married to half-sisters, and after the death of Jefferson's wife in 1782, he brought his two younger daughters, Maria ("Polly") and Lucy, to Eppington where they lived during Jefferson's years in Paris as Minister to France.  

Eppes and Jefferson also were close friends and, after Jefferson’s wife Martha died in 1782, the newly widowed Jefferson entrusted his two daughters, Maria and Lucy, to the Eppes family while he served as minister to France. Sadly, Lucy died of whooping cough shortly thereafter and was buried at Eppington is buried somewhere on the grounds.  No grave site has been found. Maria (Polly) Jefferson grew to adulthood. Polly Jefferson married Francis's John Wayles Eppes in 1797, further strengthening the relationship between the two families. She remained on the property until her death in 1804

The house itself is a Chesterfield County Historic Landmark, a Virginia Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. It is an excellent example of 18th century Georgian design and features a three-bay, two-and-a-half story central block design with hipped roof, dormers and flanking one story wings.

Noticed:  Eppington Fall Event September 23, 2023  Canceled Due to the forecast for inclement weather this Saturday, the Fall Festival at Historic Eppington has been canceled.  . Parks and Recreation plans to hold a similar event in spring 2024.

The Plantation sits a mile above the Appomattox River on a level ridge in southwestern Chesterfield County.  It is probably the best known of the Chesterfield plantations.  This exceptional beautiful structure is a late eighteenth-century house built by Francis Eppes VI. Architectural historians consider the house with its 2 1/2-story, hipped-roof central block and one-story hipped-roof wings unique among early Virginia dwellings.  It is a "high-style" type of architecture with wood frame construction and weatherboard sheathing.  It has a modified hall-parlor plan of its main block and dormer windows.  Its brick foundation, hipped roof, three part neo-Palladian elevations, symmetrical facade, and complex total floor plan set it apart from most other local houses of the period.  It had a wood shingle roof, plastered interior walls, random width pine floor panels and six raised panel doors.
Eppington Open House
Eppington is well preserved and still looks much as it did 250 years ago. Historic Eppington is open to the public by appointment during the year and has an annual open house in the fall; free to the public with many activities. You may visit historic Eppington via appointment. Details: Email Bryan Truzzie, or telephone 804-751-4946.
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