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Historic Castlewood...
c. 1817 Historic Castlewood

Historic 1817 Castlewood was built ca.1817-1819 by Parke Poindexter, the Clerk of the Court at Chesterfield County from 1812 until 1847 (almost 35 years). The original landowner was Henry Winfree, who received the property as a land grant in 1754. Mr. Poindexter purchased the 180-acre tract in 1816 and began his efforts to construct a new home. One of the three or four finest Federal period houses in the county, Castlewood features a formal five-part plan differing from any other recorded Virginia dwelling. The house most closely alike to Castlewood is “Carrsbrook”, ca. 1794-1812 in Albemarle County, VA.

Following Mr. Poindexter’s death, Castlewood passed through several owners until the Trinity Methodist Church acquired the house in 1860. For twelve years the house would serve as a parsonage for traveling ministers.  Between 1872 and 1957 the property belonged to several different owners. The Gilmer family purchased it in 1957 and restored it to its 1820 condition. In 1976 the Heritage Savings and Loan bank operated here at this site. In 1980 Chesterfield County purchased the property. By 1998, the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia began operating here via a cooperative agreement with the County.

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Castlewood, Etc.
"Castlewood" formerly housed the offices and staff of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia.  It recently underwent renovations. We are now located in the Historic Trinity Church and expanded our research library.  Our holdings focus primarily on the history of Chesterfield county and its families. The collection has been carefully assembled through the years by members and friends of the Society and preserved for the use of this and future generations. We invite the public to make use of our library free of charge.  And while you are here, check out museum, old jail and Magnolia Grange.  We have rotating exhibits on display for your enjoyment.
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