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Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia
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About us

Who We are...
The Chesterfield County Historical Society (CHSV)
Who we are…

The CHSV is a well-established repository for primary and secondary historical documents related to the physical and social history of the fourth largest county in Virginia. We are located in historic Trinity Church (1879) and open M-F 10:00am - 4:00pm to serve the public. Our collection of photographs, maps, property transactions, marriages, births, and deaths are amplified by a comprehensive collection of books, newspaper articles and reports.  

Our volunteer representatives will welcome you and support your journey/research needs/genealogy objectives.  They are a friendly, seasoned group with a passion for the details of our 400-year history.  Many have deep roots in the county. It is an incredible feeling to converse with visitors, too, whose family were colonial, antebellum or current civic leaders, as well as those whose family were humble farmers, coal miners or enslaved individuals.
The doorway to the future is through our foundational past.  Society volunteers can open the door and guide your journey! Understanding both your personal and our county’s history is key to understanding where you came from and the values that have guided who you are.
Chesterfield County’s colonial history begins in 1611 at the Henricus settlement where Pocahontas lived for a year and where ancient planters relocated from Jamestowne.  As it establishes itself as a county in 1749, its history continues through its Revolutionary War roots and many Civil War engagements to present activities. The Historical Society brings these events to life, showing us in many formats how the County history continues to impact our lives.  You can join us and help preserve our rich history.

Located on Iron Bridge Road in the seat of Chesterfield’s government offices, Trinity Church is among half a dozen historically significant buildings and sites within walking distance:  Castlewood, 1917 Courthouse and historic Courthouse Green, the historic Clerk's Office the Chesterfield Museum and historic 1892 Jail; the district immerses you in living history and reminds you how important it is to record and maintain for future generations’ an accurate understanding of the history of our County.

We invite you into our most interesting Historical Society world of people, events, and civic education which shapes our past, present and future!
What we Do...
This is what we do…
The Historical Society has experiences and events for all ages! Separately and in conjunction with the County Department of Parks and Recreation the Historical Society offers more than 60 events and programs each year for adults and children.Our events calendar includes an annual winter lecture series, genealogy workshops, rotating exhibits, tours of historical homes and early education sites, elegant Magnolia Grange teas, paranormal events in historical buildings on Halloween, and summer archaeology weeks for children.
How we do it…
CHSV is a not-for-profit organization. The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax-deductible donations funds the continued projects,  programs, exhibits, and collections of the Society. Donations helps us to keep our county history active.  The Society fund raising was severely restricted making it difficult to compete during the COVID mandates of the Federal, State and County restrictions. For more information, please call our office at 804-796-7121. Donations may be mailed to the Chesterfield Historical Society of  VA, PO Box 40, Chesterfield, VA  23832 , by an on-site visit with us, or you may use the PayPal links if you prefer.  

We depend on artifact donations as well as financial ones. The Society has fourteen active volunteer committees, including Research, Genealogy, Military, Cemeteries,  Photographs and other Committees  It is a wonderful meeting place in which to enjoy companionship while learning or contributing your efforts to our commitment to honor, disseminate and record stories of our county’s history.
Our home…
Historic Trinity Church:  10111 Ironbridge Road, Chesterfield, VA. 23832
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