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Battle Animations

Bermuda Hundred Campaign Battle Animations             
Battle Animations - The Bermuda Hundred Campaign of 1864-1865 - animated maps tutorial by Robert J. Forman (Major, U.S. Army Retired), Author of the Civil War Tour Guide Book, Bermuda Hundred Campaign.

ж Grants Plan See the animation

ж On to Richmond - Grants Clarion Call

ж Bermuda Hundred Landing (May 4-6, 1864):  In early May 1864, Union Gen. Benjamin Butler landed his Army of the James in Chesterfield County, between Richmond and Petersburg, and threatened both cities in his drive west from landings between the James and Appomattox Rivers. The Confederates under Gen. P.G.T.  Beauregard blocked him. Within weeks, Butler was trapped between the two rivers and remained there until Petersburg was evacuated in April 1865.  

ж 1st Walthall (May 6th, 1864) -The 1st Battle at Port Walthall Junction, an animated map tutorial by Robert J. Forman, Author of the Civil War Tour Guide Book, Bermuda Hundred Campaign.  Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler’s Army of the James was initially stopped by General Hagood’s Confederate forces at Port Walthall Junction in Chesterfield County.  Two days later, Butler was allowed to push the Confederates back to Swift Creek fortifications effectively cutting the railroad.

ж 2nd Walthall (May 6th -8th, 1864) -The 2nd Battle at Port Walthall Junction - ,  Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler’s Army of the James on May 6th planned another attack against General Hagood’s Confederate forces at Port Walthall Junction in Chesterfield County.  On May 7th, 1864, 8000 Union troops left their earthworks at Point of Rocks and ware Bottom, intending to disrupt the railway lines.  Confederate scouts reported no activity at Ware Bottom.  Hagood moved out and bumped into the 1st New York Rifles forcing them to break their charge and retreat.  Throughout this battle, the Confederates were in a vulnerable position but orders were given to Union General Plaistead to withdraw leaving other Union forces in a predicament and exposing their flanks.  The remaining Union forces had to withdraw thus giving the Confederates another victory and a failure to General Butler.

ж Battle of Swift Creek (May 9th -10th, 1864) -Gen. George Pickett, commander of the Petersburg defenses, on May 8, 1864, had ordered 11 Confederate regiments to occupy defensive positions on the south bank of Swift Creek.  The Union forces began probing for Confederate forces and on Monday, May 9, 1864, along the banks of Swift Creek, fighting erupted with musketry and the roar of artillery as Butler’s Army attacked the Confederate forces. See an animation of that battle.
More Battle Animations
Battle Animations - The Bermuda Hundred Campaign of 1864-1865

ж Battle of Chester Station (May 9 -10th, 1864) -During the Chester Station engagement on May 10, 1864, Confederate General Robert  Ransom's troop conducted a reconnaissance-in-force against a portion of the forces of General Benjamin Butler, United States Army, estimated at from twenty to thirty thousand strong, upon the Richmond and Petersburg turnpike.  Ransom’s Confederates attacked south of Drewry’s Bluff.

ж Railroad Destructions On May 9th, 1864,  the U.S.  Army 10th Corps moves to destroy the railroad  lines at Chester Station. The U.S.  Army  18th Corps moves to Port Walthall Junction and destroys the railroad line.  The 10th Corps then destroys the railroad line between Chester Station and Port Walthall Junction. General Alford burns the Chester rail station.

ж Battle of Woolridge Hill (May 11 -15th, 1864) The Battle of Woolridge Hill is part of the campaign for Drewry’s Bluff.   On May 11, 1864, The Army of the James made an attempted thrust towards the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA.  Advancing along the Richmond Petersburg Turnpike, the Union forces reached a high hill overlooking Proctors Creek in Chesterfield County.  Taking a good part of the day, the Union Army crossed Proctors Creek heading toward the Chesterfield Courthouse.  They turned east behind the Confederate line.  They were met by the Confederate forces.  This battle is detailed in the “Bermuda Hundred Tour Guide book available at the the historic Trinity Church (CHSV).

ж 2nd Battle of Drewry's Bluff (May 16th, 1864) -General Butler had ordered an attack to relieve the pressure exerted by General Ransome's division on the XVIII Corps.  Confederate calvary attacks fooled the Federal forces forces into thinking Ransome was attacking the XVIII Corps.  Confusion between Generals Butler and Gilmore eventually forced Butler into the trenches  and a Confederate victory.

Military History in Chesterfield County, VA
Visit the sites using the Bermuda Hundred Campaign tour guide book.  It can be purchased readily from the CHSV at the historic Trinity Church.  The tour guide book  allows you to follow the footsteps of those soldiers from long ago.  It will give you an appreciation of the sacrifices they made and your purchase will help us to preserve the Civil War sites in Chesterfieldfield County, VA.  We also accept donations for this purpose.
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