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PowerPoint Presentations

Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Powerpoint Presentations
Historic Chesterfield County, Virginia PowerPoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations

Historic Trees of Chesterfield County
Listen to the stories surrounding Chesterfield’s most notable trees. Learnabout the Nunnally oak tree that has been standing for nearly 2 centuries at the old courthouse, the “cucumber” the magnolia tree, planted in 1833 at Violet Bank, and other unusual and historic local   trees.

Victory Gardens of World War II: A   Nation Comes Together Take a look back at Victory Gardens that Americans planted in back yards, vacant lots, parks, schools, rooftops and window boxes, to boost morale during wartime and provide food for the family during the days of rationing.

What’s in a Name? The Origins of Plant Names Hear the stories behind the origins of common plant names and learn about the history of scientific names, which help us to make sense out of the sometimes confusing, but always interesting, world of plant names!

History of Victorian Bon Air This presentation covers the history of the resort town during the 19 th century.

Courthouse Centennial This presentation focuses on the centennial history of the 1917 Courthouse.

Eppington Plantation This program focuses on the history of Eppington, architecture, connection to Thomas Jefferson and the 250 th Anniversary

Iron Furnace at Falling Creek This program focuses on the history of the first iron furnace established in the New World in 1619.

History of Bermuda Hundred This program examines the history of the first  incorporated town in English North America.

History of Pleasant View School This program addresses the history of one of the last African American school houses in Chesterfield County.

Huguenots and Religious Freedom This program examines the history of the French Huguenots and the fight for religious liberty in the colonies.

Powerpoint Presentations

Archaeology: Learning from the Past This presentation focuses on the archaeological process, establishing an excavation site, a look at   various branches of archaeology and a discussion of historical findings from recent excavations.

Chesterfield County: A  Historical Perspective This presentation details the rich history of Chesterfield spanning over 250 years. It also describes the county’s historic and recreational sites and is ideal for those who are new to the region and wish to learn more.

Chesterfield County’s Historic Courthouse Green Learn about the Colonial history of Chesterfield’s old Courthouse Green and hear the stories surrounding its monuments and historic structures.

Civil War History You can choose from the Bermuda Hundred Campaign in Chesterfield County, Lee’s Retreat or the History of Point of Rocks and the Union Hospital.

Ghosts of Chesterfield County Learn about some of the most haunting historic sites and homes in the county.

Heirloom Herbs: Their History and Folklore Explore the historical uses and folklore of herbs as air freshener, insect repellent, medicinal and culinary  uses.

Historic Chesterfield County Courthouse Learn about the history surrounding Chesterfield   County’s original 1750 courthouse, including several well-known trials and other historic events that took place on its grounds.

Historic Coal Mines of Chesterfield County   Chesterfield is home to the first commercial coal mines in the New World. From 1703 to the early 1900’s, the mines produced abundant supplies of coal.  Find out how this industry shaped the history of the county.

Historic Mills of Chesterfield County This presentation will provide an insightful glimpse into the history of mill power that was prevalent during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Programs are presented by the staff of Chesterfield County’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Call Bryan Truzzie at 804-751-4946 or  email at truzzieb@chesterfield.gov to arrange a program. Cost: FREE
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