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Home- School History Adventures

These programs are designed for families with children ages 6 and older. $5 per child Fridays 10 a.m.- Noon.  
Details: Bryan Truzzie at 804.751-4946 or truzzieb@chesterfield.gov.  Use the PayPal Button below to register

                                                      Scheduled Programs
Chesterfield Coal  September 8, 2013 10 Am -Noon
Did you know that Midlothian was the site of the first commercial coal mines in North America? Take a guided tour and discover what coal mining was all about. Participate in a scale hardness test and learn how to classify rocks. This activity addresses geology and coal mining. Program meets at amphitheater in front of lake.  Midlothian Mines Park, 13286 North Woolridge Road, Midlothian, VA

Discovering Chesterfield's Past October 13, 2023 1) AM -Noon
This program addresses life in rural Chesterfield long ago. Visit a replica of an early 20th century General Store and imagine life in a bygone era. Take a tour of the historic Courthouse Green and learn about the training of colonial soldiers and the fight for religious freedom that occurred on the site. Chesterfield Museum, 6813 Mimms Loop, Chesterfield, VA 23832.

GEOCACHING    October 13, 2023 10 AM - NOON
Learn some of the basics of navigation and how to use a hand-held receiver as you search for clues on a scavenger hunt and look for caches or hidden treasure. Learn how to use a compass, understand basic uses of topographic maps and how these functions are important. Historic Trinity Church, 10111 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832
Discovering Chesterfield's Past-$5 Per Person, Co. Museum
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Chesterfield Coal- $5 per person -Midlothian Mines
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Geocaching - Historic Trinity Church $5 Per Person
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Home Schoolers
Chesterfield County Public Schools do not provide school curriculum materials. Visit the Virginia Department of Education for more information about curriculum.  Additionally, there is no master list of correspondence schools and distance learning programs for  parents to review. Parents must identify a program that meets their child’s unique needs.

Home School Adventure Programs

Assuming that you wanted to invest in your children and develop their values, intellect and character or that you wanted to inspire their passions, or maybe to watch as their talents blossom and their minds expand. Maybe you just wanted to direct them and have active  involvement in their growth and maturation. And most likely, you wanted to exercise some control over how and what you teach your children. For these reasons, and more, you wanted to home school. Our history programs are developed with this in mind.

Home School Programs are normally taught at one of our historic sites in Chesterfield County.  The child is presented with a historical overview of all aspects of Chesterfield County's unique place in history. There were many firsts that occurred here when our Nation was young.  Much of this history is not being taught in our schools.  Here they can get a firsthand look at what occurred over 250 years ago in our backyard. The price is affordable, and the knowledge learned is priceless.

To learn more about upcoming tours contact   Bryan Truzzie, 804-751-4946.
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