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Home- School History Adventures

These programs are designed for families with children ages 6 and older. $5 per child Fridays 10 a.m.- Noon.  Details: Bryan Truzzie at 804.751-4946 or truzzieb@chesterfield.gov.  For Year 2024, a Chesterfield County link will be provided for you to register.

Chesterfield County Public Schools do not provide school curriculum materials. Visit the Virginia Department of Education for more information about curriculum.  Additionally, there is no master list of correspondence schools and distance learning programs for  parents to review. Parents must identify a program that meets their child’s unique needs.

Home School Adventure Programs
Assuming that you wanted to invest in your children and develop their values, intellect and character or that you wanted to inspire their passions, or maybe to watch as their talents blossom and their minds expand. Maybe you just wanted to direct them and have active  involvement in their growth and maturation. And most likely, you wanted to exercise some control over how and what you teach your children. For these reasons, and more, you wanted to home school. Our history programs are developed with this in mind.

New Processing link for Parks and Recreation History Programs
For the calendar year 2024, Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation will introduce you to a new way of registering for their programs.   This link will pull up results for all available history programs on the Chesterfield County website. Please “Visit the Chesterfield Parks and Recreation registration site to register for Parks and Registration programs"   See the Link below - you will be available to connect with all P&R programs.

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