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Military History Committee

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About Us

We meet at the Historic Trinity Church in Chesterfield, VA.  We research military history and historical sites within Chesterfield County and develop educational and tourist information on military history pertaining to Chesterfield County. We also help to preserve and maintain the military integrity of the Civil War sites in the county and sponsor the annual Veterans Day programs at the historic 1917 Courthouse.  Our History Committee consists of two sub-committees.  If you are an avid military enthusiast, we encourage you to join the CHSV and the Military History Committee.   

Where We Meet

Point of Rocks Committee

Chair: Scott Williams

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Mission: Preservation and interpretation of

Point of Rocks Park

Veterans Day/War Memorial Committee

Chair: Ruth Snead

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Mission: To plan, coordinate and implement

the annual November 11th Chesterfield County Veterans Day Ceremony

Point of Rocks

The Military History Committee is actively engaged in the preservation of Point of Rocks Historical Park.  Partnering with Parks and Recreation, the Rev John Strachan home is being renovated and stabilized.  Point of Rocks is a one story, three bay frame house set on a stone foundation. It was named for the nearby 60 foot high sandstone cliffs on the Appomattox River.

Past Event

The Chesterfield Historical Society assisted Chesterfield County with its 100th Anniversary of the 1917  Courthouse and install an interpretive sign on  the Courthouse Green regarding WWI events in 1916

Chesterfield County has 11 park sites associated with the Civil War. Each of these sites has its own unique story to tell. Collectively, these links in a chain tell the larger story of one of the most important military campaigns of the war but seldom told.  Not all sites are accessible some have just been purchased and will soon be available to the public. There are local historians dedicated to preserving the battle sites and trench-works. If we don't save them today, they will not be available tomorrow. Your donation for this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated.

Civil War Tour Guide Book:  The Bermuda Hundred Campaign Tour Guide tells about the pivotal role that Chesterfield County played during the last year of the Civil War, a role often overshadowed by bigger battles fought at the same time in Virginia.  You will not find a better self-tour guide available than this book.

​The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia is dedicated to preserving the Civil War sites in Chesterfield County.  These sites are being maintained presently by volunteers.  If you have a passion for preservation, please consider a donation to help establish historical markers and site maintenance.  Donations are welcomed.


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