Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia


Collections CommitteeCHSV Hours

Chair: David Limmer    Contact via Email

Mission: To collect, accession, preserve and maintain the historic artifacts collection. To coordinate with Museum Committee in developing an annual exhibit calendar to interpret and promote the county's history in all three museum sites.

    The  purpose of the Collection Committee is to maintain and update an inventory of the collection owned by the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia [CHSV], oversee the storage and preservation of the collection, assist in creating Museum exhibits, and review and approve all items to be acquired to or deaccessioned from the collection. For the purpose of this policy statement, “collections” shall be understood to cover all artifacts in the possession of CHSV.

The Historical Society cannot accept unsolicited donations through the mail or in person without your submission of the Donation Submission Form or the follow-up communication from the Historical Society staff.  Do you have a passion for preservation of artifacts?  Volunteers are needed.

Used in may museum exhibits, some artifact examples can be seen in the photograph below.

Past Exhibits photograph