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March  2023

March 9, 2023Historic Trees of Chesterfield: Silent Witnesses to our Past:  This presentation will explore the history of Chesterfield’s most notable trees.  Learn about the Nunnally oak tree that has been standing for over two centuries at the old courthouse, the Osage orange tree that once stood at Magnolia Grange and other old local trees.  Details

March 4, 2023:  County Museum Short Film Day Four short films highlighting various aspects of Chesterfield history will be shown. These films are approximately 15 minutes in length and feature first-person oral histories.

  • 11:00 a.m. - Chesterfield Remembers World War II. Memories of 6 Chesterfield WWII veterans,
  • 11:20 a.m. - Chesterfield County Police 100th Anniversary.  Interview of Major Charles Richter
  • 11:40 noon - Firefighting in Chesterfield County. Memories of fire department volunteers
  • 12:00 p.m. - Oral History Interview of African American Octogenarians

March 18, 2023: Historic Women of Central Virginia In celebration of Women’s History Month, a lecture about " Jane Minor, Lucy Winfree and Susannah Bolling".  Join us for an opportunity to learn more about intelligent and brave women at a time when they were often seen but not heard.  Go here to register

New ProgramMarch 21, 2023 Lunchtime Lecture Series   NEW - To register call 804-748-1623 and request the specific Course number 41860. Register for all programs at least one week in advance. at Castlewood, 10201 Iron Bridge RoadTuesday,  Noon – 1 p.m.    FREE Women’s History Month : Through the Ages with Women of Chesterfield  During this presentation Chesterfield Historical Society Board member Terri Wells will share an in depth look at some of the accomplished women of the County and their impact on the world around them.  

April  2023

April 22, 2023:  Herb and Crop Gardens at Magnolia Grange: Spring has sprung and it is time to talk about gardens. A lecture and short walking tour of the garden area of the site will be presented and samples of medicinal and culinary herbs will be shared. Participants will be encouraged to share gardening experience and tips. 11 a.m.

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Chesterfield County Historic Sites

Magnolia Grange House MuseumThe "Magnolia Grange House Museum" is an elegant Federal period home built in 1822, named for the circle of magnolia trees that once graced its front lawns.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Magnolia Grange’s distinctive architectural features include elaborate ceiling motifs, a half-turn open carved stairway  and  hand-painted scenic wallpaper produced by Zuber, a French manufacturer.

CastlewoodHistoric 1817 Castlewood was built ca. 1817-1819 by Parke Poindexter. Poindexter was the Clerk of the Court at Chesterfield County from 1812 until 1847, almost 35 years. The original landowner was Henry Winfree, who received the property as a land grant in 1754. County Clerk Mr. Poindexter purchased the 180-acre tract in 1816 and began his efforts to construct a new home. One of the three or four finest Federal period houses in the county, Castlewood features a formal five-part plan differing from any other recorded Virginia dwelling.

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Summerseat c. 1860"C. 1860 Summerseat"  - According to tradition, this 19th century house was used by a county magistrate as the “seat” of his court during summer months due to the muddy and rutted roads which made travel to the courthouse in the center of the county almost impossible.  The lower brick portion of the house was the “jail” or “detention center, complete with bars that held prisoners or those persons awaiting trial.  It is not a large building at 18 by 16 feet.  The house is part of Virginia State University.


Historic Trinity Church

C. 1879 Trinity Church - The old church sits in a stand of a few trees not quite visible from Krause Road but adjacent to Ironbridge Road where it is plainly noticeable.  It offers an unobstructed view at that corner.  Not so vacant any longer and no longer a huge storage shed for odds and ends, it serves a new purpose in its longevity of survival.  It is alive with activity once again.  Presently, the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia is utilizing the building as its headquarters and library until historic Castlewood is renovated.  Historic Castlewood, ca. 1817-1819, sits nearby to the church just across Krause Road and was once the parsonage for the Methodist.




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