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Magnolia Grange House Museum

Magnolia Grange House Museum

Photograpgh of Magnolia Grange  by Michael Kane

For a group tour or a visit to our historical house museum, please contact LeeAnne Ball for information at 804-748-1498.

Scouting Days at Magnolia Grange

Location:  Magnolia Grange House Museum.  Pre-registration is required.  To register, please contact LeeAnne Ball at 804-748-1498 or use the PayPal button below.  Cost of Workshop does not include the badge.  

 Junior Scout:  Sparkling Jewelry Craft
This workshop is geared for Juniors who are looking to complete the requirements for their Jeweler Craft Badge. Scouts will get to know the tools of the trade, make jewelry with metal, turn everyday objects into sparkling jewelry, create jewelry inspired by other cultures, and make jewelry that make great gifts.  A few of the projects that Juniors can look forward to creating are metal embossed love token necklaces, clay bead making, and sparkling wire and stone crafted rings and bracelets.
  Saturday, June 17th, 2017,  Cost is $10 each.  2pm-4pm
Jr. Scout: Sparkling Jewelry Craft
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Senior Scout: Textile Artist:
This workshop is geared for Seniors who are looking to complete the requirements for their Senior Textile Artist Badge.  Scouts will explore the world of textile arts by choosing their projects in the craft that inspires them the most, utilizing tools and materials in their textile craft, making one textile craft that can be utilized every day, and creating a gift or an item for a special occasion.  Once this workshop is completed they will have learned the basics of a textile art. A few of the projects that the Senior Scout can look forward to choosing from are making purses, belts, mats, or decorative textile artwork.  Saturday, July 15th, 2017, $10 each: Cost of Workshop does not include badge - 2pm-4pm

Sr. Scout: Textile Artist
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Brownie and Junior Scout: “Mind your Manners” Workshop
This workshop is geared for Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors who are looking to complete the requirements for their Manners, Making Friends, Social Butterfly, and Etiquette Badges. Scouts will learn through fun and engaging cooperative role playing games; how to make and keep friends, how to make friendly introductions, how to disagree and keep your friends, table manners, when to say please and  thank you, and how hold a conversation with style while feeling at ease and being prepared during social events.  Tea with mini sandwiches and desserts is served during this socially friendly workshop.  Saturday,   April 22nd, 2017, $10 each: Cost of Workshop does not include badge.  2pm-4pm
Brownie & Junior Scout:"Mind your Manners" Workshop


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Photograpgh by George Cranford

Magnolia Grange Front Foyer

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Spirited History is fun for everyone - for curiosity seekers to the serious believer.  Have some fun and take a tour or do a workshop. For a larger view of this photo, click on it.


For your child, we offer a variety of programs for Summer enjoyment.  For more information, please contact LeeAnne Ball at 748-1498.      


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