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The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia (CHSV) in cooperation with the Chesterfield County Department of Parks and Recreation presents an open house at Historic Pleasant View School on Saturday, May 6, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

 Members of the CHSV African American History committee will share the history of the school house and conduct tours.  Tours are free and will be on- going throughout the day.  Parking is available on site at the school.   Pleasant View School is an early twentieth century African-American one-room schoolhouse located at 18431 River Road in Chesterfield County.  It succeeds an earlier school house circa 1900.  The Chesterfield County School Board purchased two acres of land in 1924 that included a house previously used as a public school site upon which to construct a new school for Blacks.

 Pleasant View School was built with the financial support of the Black community and opened in 1930; it closed in 1947.  The Pleasant View Community Association maintained the building and used it as a community center from 1947 until 1998.  In response to community concerns about the sale, the
County Board of Supervisors re-purchased the property that same year.  Now owned by the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the school features original desks and blackboard, church pews, a piano, and other items from the past.    

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  First English Settlement in Chesterfield

 1611 -- Citie of Henricus was established as the second permanent English settlement in the new world.  In May 1611, Sir Thomas Dale arrived in Virginia with instructions from the London Company to find a secure and healthy area to establish a new town and principal seat for the colony. BySeptember 1611, Sir Thomas Dale had moved up the James River to establish Henricus, the colony�s second settlement.  He was an experienced officer, having served as a captain in the Netherlands and had been knighted at Richmond (England) on June 19, 1606, as Sir Thomas Dale of Surrey.  With the help of friends, Dale was appointed High Marshall of the new colony.  Today, Henricus Park is a major attraction in Chesterfield County,

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