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Historic 1749 Courthouse

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Historic 1749 Courthouse -The original 1750 Chesterfield County Courthouse was a rectangular brick two-story building.    It was in use until 1781 when Benedict Arnold's British troops burned it.  It was rebuilt and in 1803 a "t-wing" was proposed and may have been added two years later.  The new wing, according to the drawing, would contain the bench, bar and sheriff�s boxes for the new courtroom.  The western end of the building was partitioned into a separate room with a door in the center. The stairway to the second floor would be retained in the new addition for 1805.   

Other proposed changes included the pine wood floor in the central portion of the old building to be  taken up and replaced with a brick floor that was one foot lower than the pine floor in the north wing. The interior walls were whitewashed and the wainscoting, bench and bar painted a light lead grey.  Although there is nothing definitive regarding actual 1805 plans, we can speculate that this was the way it looked in 1805.  More research may need to be done.  This building was torn down in 1917 to make room for a larger courthouse built on the same spot. It became Chesterfield County's first preservation case. Today's Chesterfield Museum is a replica of this historic building. 



Additional information and photographs of the historic 1749 Courthouse can be found in the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Library at the Historic Trinity Church located at 10101 Iron Bridge Rd, Chesterfield. The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia manages several historic sites. 


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Historic 1749 Courthouse

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The Chesterfield Museum is a replica of the 1749 courthouse and present houses many artifacts and exhibits relating to Chesterfield County.


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