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1917 Courthouse

1892 Old Jail

Magnolia Grange House Museum
Pleasant View School
Point of Rocks

1879 Trinity Church
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Summerseat was used as a courthouse in the 19th century.  It is in need of restoration and a project is underway to restore this c. 1860 building.  It is presently owned by the Virginia State University in Ettrick, Virginia.  The property has been subject to vandalism and theft.  If you would like to help with the project, please contact the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia.

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Magnolia GrangeThe photo reminds us of how Magnolia Grange looked shortly after its restoration in 1984.(Click on pictures for a larger view)  Almost 30 years later, the Grange�s carpet has been worn by the feet of thousands of schoolchildren and visitors; the wallpaper, special ordered from Paris, is frayed; the oil cloth in the office is deteriorating; the woodwork needs paint; and the plaster is water damaged. As the county begins the capital improvements necessary to restore the exterior of the historic home, it is the responsibility of the Chesterfield Historical Society to bring new vitality to the interior d�cor. 

The Old Historic 1892 Jail is a treasure in itself.  It has survived many modifications since it was built.  The wear and tear ofOld Jail this historic site is not just from use.  The natural elements  from rain to hot sun has caused damaged.  It is dire need of a drainage suystem to prevent water from seeping uup through the walls destroying the inner wood structure and the plaster.  The windows are rotting out.  Temporary fixes are not solving the more complex problems.  The water damage has moved to the 1983 Museum basement causing damage to the walls and also affecting the artifacts within.

PStrachan Home at Point of Rocksoint of Rocks is a historic site on the Appomattox River recently acquired and designated"Pont of Rocks Park".  Here Abraham Lincoln walked with Union Generals discussing ways to win a war.  Here Clara Barton served as the head nurse to many wounded and sick Union soldiers in the largest hospital in the world built during the Civil War.  The house was used for the surgeons quarters and is still standing.  It is in need of repairs. There is evidence of Indians who lived on the river just below the house.  It is one of Chesterfield's most historic sites.

The Chesterfield Museum, though not a historic building, is a relpica of the 1749 Courthouse and houses the extensive history and artifacts of Chesterfield County.  Because of bad drainage around this building and the historic jail, water seeps up though the walls and isChesterfield Museum causing structural damage.  A new drainnage system is badly needed to stop the damage.



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