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World War One in Chesterfield County

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July 28, 2014 marked the anniversary of the start of World War One (1914-1918).  Europe was turned upside down when that man-made calamity was declared.  How could such world events could create the disasters to take the best of our young people.  Even today, a good analyst can piece events together and see a bigger picture of war forming.  These cyclic events do happen and sadly with time, we just as quickly soon forget abouPvt Karl Schrumt them.  It becomes history just as this war did.  Veteran's Day 2018 will end the anniversary of this war and you are invited to be in attendance at the historic 1917 Courthouse to help celebrate.

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2014, there was a mini-exhibit of the 100 years of the start of that "war to end all wars".  Now is the time to prepare for the ending anniversary in 2018.  During the next four years, you may hear or read a lot about this war culminating in the anniversary ending date in 2018.  The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia needs veteran photographs, their military records, and other artifacts from the war and are hoping that family members with names like Austin, Albright, Cogbill, Brown, Anderson, Childress, Bailey, Belcher, Clements, Appelman, to name a few, will respond to help tell the story of the Chesterfield veterans who served and died in France. 
Pictured are William Henry Austin (Right side), an African American soldier from Midlothian, VA who served in France and Karl Schrum (left) from Chesterfield.  He had been gassed by the Germans and survived to come home.William H. Austin


We have a large database of names of Chesterfield veterans of all wars.  You can visit the CHSV at the historic 1879 Trinity Church at Krause and Irnbridge Roads in Chesterfield, VA.  Available research is information on WWI veterans and there are other records available to hep you find your Chesterfield ancestors.  The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia is all about preserving the history of Chesterfield County.  Year 2017-2018 will be big events in the County regarding WWI.  Other coutries have already started their events since the war started in 1914.  We need the help of Chesterfield families who had ancestors that fought or served in the "Great War to end all wars".

  Dutch Gap Artillery Training
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Map Collage of France & WWI soldier 

French WWI  Map with soldier and medals

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World War One in Chesterfield County


Draft Boards

 On May 18, 1917, The Selective Service Act was established and draft boards were created all across the United States. Local boards were established for each county in every state and were tasked with the registration of eligible men, determination of order and serial numbers, classification, call and entrainment (transporatation) of the draftees.  Young men of Chesterfield County lined up for the draft at the historic 1749 Courthouse.  That was the same year when a new courthouse cornerstone was laid in October and soon to be built a new courthouse.   Once again Chesterfield County men were being marshaled on the courthouse green to begin their journey to fight a war.  They were not exempt from the dangers that periled them in that war. 

French Soldiers c. 1914

French Soldiers c. 1914
Photograph courtesy of: Dave and Daniel Heindl 

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