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CHSV VolunteersVolunteers are our lifeblood!  They can choose to work on committees or on their own individual projects, either on-site or off-site. Thinking of volunteering?  These guidelines will help you to find your "fit" at CHSV:  * What aspect of Chesterfield history interests you? (example: oral histories, map projects, research) 

*Do you have a project in mind?  (example: African-American Chesterfield history)
*Do you know what form that project will take, or do you need to brainstorm it with someone?
*What spare time do you have?  A few hours?  A full day?  Special events only?
* Are you ready to make a commitment, or do you prefer a more informal arrangement?
*Do you enjoy working with the public?

Does working in the CHS library at the Old Trinity Church appeal to you?  (1)-Research & Compile histories on each of the County's High Schools, (2)- Update list of all African-American resources in the Society's library collection,  (3)-Scan/digitize the Society's Picture Collection,  (4)-Update the Index of The Messenger, the Society's newsletter, (5)-Design a calendar to be sold as a fundraiser for the Society,  (6)-Design a new brochure for the Society, (7) -Oral History Project - interview elderly County residents to capture their memories of the early 1900  and  (8)-Research & Compile an archival record of the history of Chesterfield businesses and industries


CHSV Committees:  The Cemetery Committee needs volunteers willing to do research at the Library of Virginia or the County Courthouse, during normal business hours. Some computer skills are necessary.  At the CHS Library - the following projects need volunteers:   scanning the Library Photo collection and at the museum we need collections management.  Each year, our dedicated CHSV volunteers contribute over 12,000 hours which equals $264,000 according to the U.S. Department of Labor rate for museum personnel.

To VOLUNTEER, please call 804-796-7121 or vistit historic Trinity Church, 10111 Ironbridge Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832.

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Historic Magnolia Grange Museum Home Restoration Efforts


 Homeowners are well aware that without dedicated maintenance and care, a home can quickly fall into disrepair.  Our museum home needs some dedicated care.  That is why the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia launched a Spring event to help raise funds to restore this grand plantation home museum.  Our events proceeds go to support this restoration effort.  You can help.  Even if you do not play in our Golf Classic, you can donate to this worthy cause.  We want, with your generous help, for our grand manor to be the showplace of Chesterfield County.  Please give generously so the repairs can be made.  Visit Magnolia Grange and take the tour.  We are a County rich in history.

Historica Magnolia Grange Photograph

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The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Headquarters and research library has moved into the old historic Trinity Church .  See the news media information.  Please contact us:  (804)796-7121.  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.
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