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For a complete list of our programs visit our site here or call Bryan Truzzie, 751-4946.We have volunteers that will provide a presentation to your organization.   Call the office of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia for more information at 804-796-7121.  Some programs are free.   Cost: $35.00 for non-profits/ $50.00 for private groups and groups outside of Chesterfield County.  Contact Bryan Truzzie at 804-751-4946 or to arrange a presentation or for additional information.  You may also Call the office of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia for more information at 804-796-7121.

Archeaology:  Learn from the Past - This presentation focuses on the archaeological process, establishing an excavation site, a look at various branches of archaeology and a discussion of historical findings from recent excavations. 


Chesterfield County:  A Historical Perspective- This presentation details the rich history of Chesterfield, spanning over 250 years. It also describes the county's historic and recreational sites, and is ideal for those who are new to the region and wish to learn more. 



Chesterfield County's Courthouse Green -  Learn about the Colonial history of Chesterfield's old Courthouse Green and hear the stories surrounding its monuments and historic structures.

Civil War in Chesterfield County -  This program will address the Bermuda Hundred Campaign in Chesterfield County. This was the only campaign during the Civil War that was fought entirely in one county. 


Ghosts in Chesterfield County -  Discover some of the most haunting historic sites and antebellum homes in the county.



Heirloom Herbs:  Their History and Folklore -  Did you know that basil was used as an air freshener, insect repellent, digestive medicine, good luck charm, and symbol of love, in addition to its culinary uses?  Explore the historical uses and folklore of this and other familiar garden herbs such as rosemary, sage, fennel and thyme. 

Historic Chesterfield Courthouse  -  Learn about the history surrounding Chesterfield County�s original 1750 courthouse, including several well-known trials and other historic events that took place on its grounds.



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Public Speaking Requests :   We can provide an engaging and educational  power point program for your next social function. A wonderful opportunity for churches, civic organizations, scouts, garden clubs and older adults to learn more about Chesterfield County�s history.  We offer a wide range of horticulture and history topics such as historic trees, medicinal herbs and plants, coal mining history, ghost stories, Civil War history and many other topics. Presentations are offered Tuesday-Friday.


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The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Headquarters and research library has moved into the old historic Trinity Church .  See the news media information.  Please contact us:  (804)796-7121.  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.



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