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A Calendar of 2016-2017 Events -   Note:  Our calendar of events is subject to change.  Please call 796-7131 for updated information.  

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Historical Chesterfield County Fact 

1619 -- Falling Creek was the first iron furnace in the New World    


Ironworks painting Built on the banks of Falling Creek in Chesterfield County, VA, this was the site of the oldest blast furnace in the New World.  The industry lasted until March 22, 1622, the day the Powhatan Indians started their unsuspected massacre of the settlers.  Later attempts to restart the industry soon failed.  The Virginia Company of London built its first heavy industry on this side of the Atlantic. It was an ideal site as the only location on the James River between the Atlantic Ocean and the Fall Line at Richmond for that was viable for the venture.  It had raw materials, water power, iron ore and transportation- all available in one spot.  There are plans to restore this park.


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