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The Civil War in Chesterfield County - Introduction

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The Bermuda Hundred Campaign of 1864  


The first major action of the Civil War in Chesterfield County took place on May 15, 1862 when a federal flotilla led by the Union ironclad USS Monitor headed toward Richmond on the James River. The Federals were turned back after a three hour battle with Confederate guns at Drewry's Bluff.

In the spring of 1864, the war again came directly to Chesterfield County when Union General Benjamin F. Butler landed the Army of the James on the Bermuda Hundred peninsula.  He  advanced his forces and soon confiscated the home of the Reverend John Strachan family at Point of Rocks.  


General Butler's mission was to secure a base of operations and then advance on Richmond.  He ran into Confederate forces under the command of General P.T. G. Beauregard and the advance on Richmond was stopped.  Follow the Civil War action in Chesterfield County.  The fighting here  caused the war to continue for another two years and was the only campaign fought in one county in the entire war.

Point of Rocks Collage

Point of Rocks  and the participants during the Civil War 

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The Civil War in Chesterfield County  

  Hospital at Point of Rocks

The Union Hospital at Point of Rocks

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Batttle of WareBottom Church

Fort Stevens Map                                                            


Fort Stevens (C. 1865 Map ) was the main bastion of the Confederate inncharge of overall construction of Richmond�s perimeter defener defense line built in 1862 to defend Richmond from the south. Work on the line was supervised by Col. W.H. Stevens, who was also in se. However, this strong position was not tested until May 14, 1864. On May 16, it became the pivot point for a major Confederate counterattack which halted the advance of Gen. Butler's Army of the James toward Richmond

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